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Beauty Flawless Coolers

To make these incredibly tough, well-insulated coolers, Swift Coolers adapted a process that’s used to manufacture whitewater kayaks, creating a seamless one-piece shell that’s highly resistant to both impact and rapid temperature change.

The shell is then pressure-injected with polyurethane foam to provide exceptional insulation while reinforcing the cooler’s strength and rigidity. Secured with heavy-duty rubber latches, the interlocking lid closure is lined with a thick gasket like those used in commercial freezers, forming a dependable thermal seal that prevents leaks, even if the cooler tips over.


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We have an array of different assortments & sizes to custom fit your truck or vehicle.

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I love my new Swiftcoolers. Soft Sided HD30 Awesome Cooler! Just right for a day on the lake or working on the food plots!!
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Lewis P
I love it! Now i can get minnows the day before and save an hour of my time. Worth every dollar.
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Alicia Heart
Absolutely love my ice cooler! Fits perfectly on my boat for my charter business. Was fast delivery and holds ice for days. Very much excited to be part of the pro staff program. Thank u guys
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Juan Carlos